For those wanting to download a precompiled version of the latest Warzone version from the developer tree (the main trunk) it is revision 537. I’ve got two versions prepared in an installer package for download, a debug version and a non-debug version. Just be aware that this is not an official release by the “Warzone Resurrection Project” so don’t complain to them if these don’t work (although plain bug reports probably are appreciated).


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    Precompiled for Windows, eh? Don’t you have a compiled version for Linux?

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      No, on Linux it is really as simple as:

      $ ./configure
      $ make
      $ make install

      Refer to Warzone 2100 Resurrection’s project site for more info on retrieving source.

      Although it is probably possible to create a debian package (that’s the only GNU/Linux packaging system I’m familiar with) so I’ll look into that.

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      Look here for a debian/ubuntu package.

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